How to translate a lifestyle into an image? It was with this challenge that designer Adriana Barra accepted the invitation from Guaraná Antartica to create an original print inspired by the hashtag #Boralá,
a new brand concept that encourages consumers to take the lead in their history to live unforgettable experiences.

As a starting point for this exclusive design, which connects the entertaining universe of Guaraná Antarctica with the brand's fans,
the stylist relied on the massive collaboration of social networking personalities and her thousands of followers, who posted photos
of their moments #Boralá on Instagram.

As an essential part of this construction, there are illustrations of photos with webhosting Nah Cardoso, Jade Seba, Gabi Lopes, Maju Trindade, Bruno Guedes, Christian Monassa, Lucas Lira and JapaTv, Guaraná Antarctica ambassadors in social networks.

"First of all I thought of the people who took pictures and who love the Guarana universe to turn them into print and insert them into a dynamic world with brand colors. Thus, we managed to convey the attitude and the astral of #Boralá through the people portrayed." comments Adriana Barra about her creation process.

The # Boralá print gave rise to a backpack and a cap that will be sold exclusively in the Adriana Barra stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.